Richard Littlejohn's throwaway 'facts'

This is part three of ‘Richard Littlejohn: The cloaca series

Richard Littlejohn’s columns always contain a few titbits of misinformation in which he repeats – normally with exaggeration – stuff he has read in the Daily Mail. Yesterday’s column was no different when he was making the usual slurs against gypsies. At the end of this slur he suggests that:

It might explain why they’re Tarmacking over Snowdonia.

It is classic Littlejohn. The story he is referring to has alway been thoroughly torn to pieces by Tabloidwatch, yet here he is after the event still repeating the original lie. The story was a typical cry of outrage that was only heard in the head of the Daily Mail journalist:

Snowden is not being tarmacked

Tabloidwatch looks at how the claim of the ‘tarmac path up Snowden’ ebbs away from a ‘tarmac pathway… laid on one of the ancient routes’ to ‘work to level and partly tarmac a mile-and-a-half of the Miners’ Track’ until finally we emerge at the truth which is:

Emyr Williams, director of land management at the SNPA, said: ‘The path stretches for two and a half kilometres and the only part which has been tarmacked is three separate stretches totalling only 100 metres.

Furthermore, it is also made clear that the tarmac has ben covered with crushed stone to make it in keeping with the rest of the path and one of the reasons behind the work was that the existing path was badly eroded.

Still, this is all beyond Littlejohn who simply makes the claim: ‘they’re Tarmacking over Snowdonia’.

What a complete and utter cloaca.

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