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Littlejohn has no party political affiliations and believes journalists should be in a state of permanent opposition and scepticism, opposed to vested interests of all political persuasions and fiercely protective of civil liberties.

His job is to sit at the back and throw bottles.

So, a man fiercely ‘sceptical’, permanently in ‘opposition’ to ‘vested interests’ and ‘protective of civil liberties’ would surely be all over the Wikileaks releases – seeing as they would be prime material for this brave cheerleader of truth and liberty. Except he isn’t.

No, Richard – one of life’s great moral cowards – dismissed the Wikileaks release of some 250,000 classified goverment files in a column titled ‘WikiLeaks latest… the Pope may be Catholic’. He made it clear that ‘While other media outlets have focused on the geopolitical fall-out from the 250,000 leaked documents, this column prefers to trade in tittle-tattle’. OK, so that establishes that Littlejohn has no interest in questioning the real actions of governments (and no Richard, complaining about the amount of wheelie-bins you have or how frequently refuse collectors visit you – or even, before you start, whether they are prepared to walk up to your house to collect them or whether you have to wheel them to the curb yourself – does not count).

Well, surely he would look at the implications of the complicated Assange bail and argue that whatever happens it is paramount that the man was given the same civil liberties as any other individual in his position – that Assange should face his accusers in the same way as anyone else. Err, no, wrong again. In fact Richard Littlejohn seems very uninterested for a man who sells himself as a sceptical crusader:

This may seem like a silly question, but what is ­Julian Assange doing in Britain? He is an Australian who has been hacking into American government computers from a bunker in Sweden, where he is wanted on rape charges. Frankly, he’s none of our business.

If the Guardianistas want to work themselves up into a lather of self-righteous indignation, let them get on with it. Out here in the real world, the fate of the ­WikiLeaks founder is a matter of complete indifference to most of us.

Of course, the very title of his column says it all: ‘Why can’t our own Cybermen zap the WikiLeaks man?’. The way in which this fearless champion of the little man always comes out firmly in favour of the state, the corporation or simply the majority is staggering. Littlejohn only ever attacks the dead, the disenfranchised or the minorities.

It seems his classroom metaphor is appropriate, it is just the wrong way round. Can the webmaster for therefore please make the following change:

His job is to sit at the front and throw bottles.

However, the webmaster can feel free to leave this gem of a mistake:

Little John

Even his own name, on his own website is wrong. You couldn’t make it up.

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