Shameful Racism

As soon as I saw this headline I just knew a few racists would not be able to resist posting some predictably horrific comments, and I wasn’t to be disappointed: ‘It’s open season on those pesky parakeets: Exotic little immigrant birds can be shot without a licence under new regulations‘. The Daily Mail must be very proud of itself to be just one word away from the line ‘immigrants can be shot without a licence under new regulations’. The use of the word ‘immigrant’ seems very calculated, normally when birds are discussed they have ‘migrated’ or some other less politically and racially loaded term, but of course the Daily Mail is trying to use loaded language to get a response from readers. The Mail commenters clearly pick up the theme of ‘so, we can shoot immigrant birds for destroying ‘indigenous’ populations, but not bloody immigrant human beings, it’s PC gone mad!’:

Racist scum buy the Daily Mail  for a reason

The first commenter doesn’t leave their name, but does find room to state that they are ‘up to their neck in Brown’, which seems to mean he is swamped by people with brown skin, a shameful comment and no wonder the coward didn’t leave a name. Janet uses the magic but to claim that she isn’t racist at all, she just wants to point out that ‘we shoot birds that ravage the local indigenous species, I firmly believe that immigrants are destroying the indigenous population of Britain, ergo, why the hell can’t we shoot immigrants?’ Of course, she is racist because she believes all the shit she reads in the Daily Mail without stopping to look around her and seeing that in reality the social fabric of Britain is not actually being torn apart by immigrants, and that the ‘indigenous’ population is far from dying out or even being outnumbered – not by a long, long way.

And finally we have someone who I presume is an ex-pat (why else would they leave a comment like this?) who without any sense of irony all but calls for the shooting of immigrants in Britain… whilst he himself is an immigrant in South Africa. Roger is the sort of person that probably used the logic that ‘the UK is so full of bloody foreigners I’m going to emigrate… to live in a foreign country… full of foreigners’.

Of course the most shameful thing about these three racist comments is that they appear next to each other because they are currently the three top-rated comments underneath the article – which, I think, tells you everything you need to know abot the type of person that reads the Daily Mail website.

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