According to the Daily Mail Ofcom have ‘slammed’ the BBC for Rage Against the Machines use of the F-word on Radio 5 Live in December. In reality Ofcom – laughably, as reported in the Mail article – actually said:

Ofcom said apologies given by the BBC, the measures it had taken to prevent such an incident and the assurances it had received from the band beforehand meant the issue had been resolved.

But it said it was ‘concerned… that the programme’s producers were well aware in advance that the original lyrics contained very strong language’.

I wonder what exclamations are left for the Mail now. Outrage is worn out, ‘slams’ mean mildly criticised and horror means brown person spotted in Britain. Just how are the Daily Mail meant to convey something that is actually outrageous?

Interestingly the comments point out that the Daily Mail is always in trouble with the PCC:

I reckon to even things up the BBC News should carry judgements that are made against the DM by the Press Complaints Commission.

Seeing as how the DM aren’t actually very good at doing this itself.

– Colin Runeckles, Ilford, Essex, 12/4/2010 17:02 Click to rate Rating 10

Perhaps the DM wants to reflect on it own record with the PCC, three times more upheld complaints than any other paper.

– Monkey Man, Over 6000 years old, 12/4/2010 15:14 Click to rate Rating 7

As well as Ofcom, I enjoy reading complaints made to the PCC. There’s lots to keep me happy, especially complaints towards the DM.

– Edward, Grantham UK, 12/4/2010 14:58 Click to rate Rating 5

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