Smearing the Dead with Richard Littlejohn

Today’s Littlejohn column – as pathetic as you might expect – responds to criticism over his smears about the late Michael Foot… with some more smears:

Comrade Foot: An apology

There’s been a huge response to my column on Michael Foot last Friday. Some people think I owe Wurzel an apology.

As you know, this column is always happy to correct any inaccuracies, so here goes.

On Friday, I wrote that at least Footy wasn’t a paid-up agent of the Soviet Union.

Now I learn that, according to former Russian spy Oleg Gordievsky, Foot was on the KGB payroll for 20 years.

He also published pro-Soviet articles in Tribune in exchange for Moscow gold.

Apologies for any embarrassment caused.

I’ll let the two worst rated comments save me the effort of drafting a response:

Classy. How do you follow up an innaccuracy-riddled hatchet job on a recently deceased, well regarded pensioner? By printing a follow-up lie the next week. Oleg Gordievsky’s claims were debunked over 10 years ago – Foot won a substantial libel case against another newspaper in court when they made them. So that’s pathetic research for one thing to only “learn” something over a decade later, and pathetic, cowardly behaviour to use it to further smear the recently deceased now he cannot sue you for libel.

What will you do for your next encore? Dig up Mr Foot and kick him in the face perhaps, while claiming his lack of retaliation proves he is a coward?

You really are the big, brave man, aren’t you. But no wonder you’ve decided it’s safest to only pick on the deceased – evidence suggests every time you face someone living who you disagree with, you come off looking like an ill-informed buffoon.

– Dave Crisps, Leicester, 9/3/2010 7:40 Click to rate Rating 66

Let’s see, Richard…

A misinformed stab at “global warming”, complete with tedious Brummie stereotyping.

A piece of cowardly self-exoneration for a book of rubbish jokes.

A bland piece of uninformed swiping at minorities.

A piece of blatant falsehood about a dead and decent man in an unsuccessful effort to make yourself look edgy and heroic.

A shame. Almost a full house there. Just a Dad’s Army reference and a “you couldn’t make it up”, and you’ve had had the Littlebrain Bingo Prize for sure.

– Ken, Bristol, England, 9/3/2010 0:36 Click to rate Rating 15

As readers point out: dead men cannot sue for libel and I don’t imagine the PCC will step in, do you?

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