Somebody shoot me now!!!

It doesn’t take much to get the average Mail Online reader frothing at the mouth and hammering the red and green arrows. Normally a good story to elicit this kind of response combines PC-gone-mad and Muslims, today the Mail have come up with a real winner: ‘Very PC police force issues its WPCs with Muslim headscarves complete with badge for mosque visits‘. The article basically says that:

Women police officers are being issued with headscarves to wear when they visit a mosque.

They are expected to put the scarfs on shortly before they enter the mosque, in keeping with Islamic custom.

I’m no fan of organised religion, but if people are stupid enough to have cultural / religious values that they want respected and I have to enter their property then I guess I have no choice but to respect their regulations. Most Daily Mail commentators fail to grasp that there is a big difference between the social expectations of behaviour that come from living in the UK and expectations that can be made on private property. If I was to enter a Daily Mail reader’s house I would have to abide by their rules, as it is, after all, their property that I am entering. Their house rules could be entirely different to general British custom, so according to Mail logic their customs are evil and PC-gone-mad and the implication is that they should become one of us, or leave the country.

The wearing of a small, cheap item of clothing in a very specific place as a small, painless mark of respect seems perfectly reasonable, and hardly a sign that British culture is about to be destroyed, but you wouldn’t think that way if you read the Daily Mail:

This is an absolute disgrace!!!

– Tony, uk, 27/7/2009 18:55

Welcome to the loony country of BRITAIN

– nostradamus, SWINDON ENGLAND, 27/7/2009 18:54

…. while we’re at it maybe the Lord Chief Justice should replace his wig with a Henry Lloyd baseball cap ……. worn back to front of course ….

– cubone, UK, 27/7/2009 18:42

We are in Britain. Do things the British way.

– Jeff, Norfolk, 27/7/2009 18:42

Spot the pretty blatant racial overtones from ‘cubone’ (voted nearly 200 in the green), aren’t you a real credit to the Daily Mail readership. Some of the comments that have been voted up speak volumes for the intellectual capacity of the average Daily Mail reader:

government is creating too many rules and has become messy.

– Kin, Barnet, 27/7/2009 18:37

Kin, Barnet, manages to get that wonderfully thought-provoking and important comment voted over 1000 in the green. No surprises what comments are attracting huge red votes:

Why not? If muslims get really startled seeing woman without a headscarf entering the mosque, let’s not start making problems and wear one. The same thing, for example, is Milan Duomo or Vatican Basilica where you are not allowed to enter in shorts… Don’t know, why, though, but basically, it’s the same tradition, just for muslims, it’s head, for catholics – legs…

– Maris Crane, Guildford villages, 27/7/2009 18:44 607

Surprised they weren’t doing this anyway. Personally I think this is right, since it is for entering a place of worship.

– Susan, Edinburgh, UK, 27/7/2009 18:33 1547

Seems quite sensible.

– Don, London, 27/7/2009 18:27 1542

To be fair, this isn’t a bad idea it shows respect for the muslim religion whilst showing a symbol of authority for the local police. A correct show of “diversity” in my opinion.

– Nick, Worcester, 27/7/2009 18:23 1494

And finally, another comment that is currently 624 in the green:

Somebody shoot me now!!!

– Bill, Walsall, UK, 27/7/2009 18:21

This must mean that over 600 Daily Mail readers would rather be shot than live in a Britain where the occasional police officer will enter a Mosque wearing a scarf. I just hope those readers have the courage of their convictions and will shortly be willingly executed.

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