The Daily Mail: racist and utterly dishonest

On Saturday I wrote a post about how the Daily Mail like to accompany articles on immigration with faceless pictures of Muslim women, even when the article made it clear that most of the immigrants were white Europeans from Eastern Europe. The photo was accompanied by the following caption:

Tough stance: Earlier this week, ministers promised to tighten every aspect of immigration into Britain from outside the EU as net migration figures continue to soar

Which clearly suggests that the women pictured were living and therefore photographed in Britain. Yet look here, just 3 days later the same photo is being used by the Daily Mail to accompany this story: ‘France’s Senate backs National Assembly and bans women from wearing the burka in public‘:

Only this time the caption has changed to:

Forbidden: Two Muslim women in burkas in Douai, northern France. The country’s upper house has ratified the ban on women from wearing full veils in public with effect from next spring

So, these women clearly were never in Britain, they were pictured in Douai, northern France, yet the Daily Mail happily used the photo to imply that the Muslim women pictured were evidence of theĀ  ‘soaring’ levels of Muslim immigrants into BritainĀ  (looking back at the original photo it is clear that is attributed to the EPA [European PressPhoto Association] so it makes sense that the photo was never taken in Britain).

What is clear is that once again the Daily Mail coverage of immigration was fundamentally racist and dishonest – not just for blaming Muslims for the immigration levels of predominantly white, Eastern Europeans – but also for deceiving their readers with photos taken in a completely different country as ‘evidence’.

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