The Daily Mail Restoring my Belief in Human Nature – no really!

In general, the comments section of Mail articles is the best place to go for either a good laugh or general despair at how misinformed and prejudiced it is possible to be. However occasionally, the Mail publishes something so bad, that even the Mail readers can’t stand it.

This Repellent article by Janet Street-Porter is one such example.

Completely misinformed, misguided, offensive and dangerous. This article is also evil because it only serves to increase the dangerous stigma against mental illness that exists.

I don’t intend to respond completely to it, this article by Alastair Campbell in the Mirror does a pretty good job of that. I have only one observation to add – that the poorest in society are both more likely to suffer depression and less likely to seek help – despite what Janet seeks to assert.

However, this is one of those rare occasions when the best-rated comments underneath a Mail story are a source of hope and that is unusual.

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