The Daily Mail's Idea of a 'Green' Car

The Daily Mail has today given us the intriguing news that Ferrari is launching what sounds like an eco-car: ‘The green Ferrari: No more roaring revs as Italian supercar goes electric‘. Wow, thinks the average reader, an electric Ferrari. Then you actually read the article which points out that it’s actually an hybrid, with a 6.0 litre V12 petrol engine and a ‘back up’ electric engine supplying just 100 horsepower. The standard petrol version of the car manages around 16mpg, whilst the electric version is expected to do up to 25 miles to the gallon, an improvement, clearly, but it hardly screams ‘green’.

CO2 emissions are cut by 35%, but considering it still emits 270g/km (98 grams per km above the average CO2 emission of a car) I still find the idea that this is somehow a car for hippies a little bit stretched. To be fair to the Daily Mail the car is literally green, a change from the traditional red, but they seem to be using ‘green’ in a metaphorical sense; hence the clear madness that a car with a 6.0 V12 petrol engine means ‘no more roaring revs’ and that the car has gone ‘ electric’.

It’s another case of a totally misleading headline from the Daily Mail, demonstrating that no matter how trivial the story, they can still woefully misreport it.

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