The lies keep on coming

So, the old myth about the immigrant that avoided deportation thanks to owning a cat was mentioned by Theresa May in her conference speech. Theresa May was laughed at because this never actually happened and had been debunked at the time. So far, so simple. Even the Daily Mail reported on the story – conveniently forgetting that they were one of the early spreaders of the false story back in 2009 when it first started doing the rounds. However, now the Daily Mail have gone and done this:

The Daily Mail: enemy of truth

Even though the lawyers involved in this case have issued a categorical denial of the story only yesterday, they make a complete mockery of the truth and publish this shit. On the front page.

I despair. How can they get away with this? Why do people keep buying this shit? This last few weeks have been amazing in terms of just how many lies the Daily Mail have been happy to repeat. And still nothing can be done.

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