The PC Brigade & Dr Taj Hargey

The PC Brigade, is there nothing this band of bandits will not ban? I had thought from reading newspapers that Christian nurse Shirley Chaplin had been told to remove her crucifix necklace for Health and Safety reasons, that the NHS Trust she worked for had a blanket ban on all jewelry. But I was wrong, turns out it was the PC Brigade, at least according to Dr Taj Hargey, who the Daily Mail is keen to point out IS A MUSLIM NO LESS!

Surely he must be absolutely right then, because why else would a Muslim stick up for Christianity? Maybe, just maybe he is just your typical religious nut who thinks that they deserve special treatment because they have ‘faith’ in a system of pointlessly repressive beliefs. ‘What has Britain come to when it takes a Muslim like me to defend Christianity?‘ wails Dr Hargey, before identifying the real culprit:

As a Muslim, I am filled with despair at the attitude of our politically correct officials towards Christianity.

For me, all true religious faith, if practised with benevolence and humility, can only strengthen our society. To undermine religion is to undermine society itself.

It is no coincidence that as Christianity is repeatedly attacked, so the social fabric of Britain becomes increasingly frayed.

As we lose our strong moral compass, family breakdown and violent crime are at record levels, while our once famous sense of community spirit is evaporating.

In the face of this kind of aggressive secularism, Christians and Muslims should be natural allies…

Equally despicable, however, is that these politically correct busy-bodies don’ t even have the courage to be open about their fanatical loathing of Christianity.

Instead, they often cravenly cite ‘health and safety’, that catch-all term so often clutched at by bureaucrats when they want to shut down something they disapprove of.

Well, what a way to roll out cliched and brainless arguments: society is lost without religion: prove it. Seems to me that we’ve had religion since ancient times and beyond and throughout history it has been one long list of wars, repression and genocide. This isn’t even mentioning the large amount of wars that have purely been about religion, about whose sky fairy is the best.

Consider which society you think best:

Society A: Young girl has sex and gets pregnant, family are utterly ashamed and send girl away to have child secretly and never mention it again, girl is damned in eyes of family. Scenario Two, girl so scared of consequences she is forced to insert a knitting needle into herself to terminate baby.

Society B: Young girl has sex and gets pregnant, she is able to see Doctor in confidence and get all the support, advice and help she needs from a range of sources. She can keep the baby and not be as outwardly shamed as Society A, or she can have an abortion and relevant counselling if needed.

Which seems most civilised, the one in which natural bodily functions, urges and above all youthful mistakes are punished by shame, damnation and rejection; or the one in which humanity steps in and lends some support to a fellow human being?

I know which society I prefer, and it isn’t the one that allows religion to determine what is and isn’t moral. Morality is not determined by religion, petty values, lack of freedom and sincerely held prejudices are determined by religion. As is the right to exemption from criticism. For example, if you are the head of an international paedophile ring you can expect to be vilified by the press, hunted by the world’s police and arrested. Unless, of course, your organisation is a religion, in which case you might be asked to ‘repent’ but you’re otherwise left alone to continue your systematic abuse of children.

The rest of Dr Taj Hargey’s article is the sort of drivel that you’d expect to be published in the Daily Mail: everyone’s attacking religion, especially the poor Christians, no one respects religion and on and on. But, what does he really expect? Perhaps if organised religion hadn’t spent the last few thousand years acting like a bunch of utterly immoral shits then we might have a fonder view of it. Perhaps if Christianity turned the other cheek and actually attempted to live by its tenets then we’d have respect for it.

Or perhaps, we do generally respect Christianity and other forms of religion in Britain, but sometimes a religious person is completely unreasonable in not removing an article of faith that has no place in an hospital ward, just as no piece of jewelry has no place in an hospital ward. This then leads to intolerance from idiots like you, who cry discrimination, when really, if you look at it from a neutral point of view: discrimination is written into your holy books, not NHS Trust health and safety guidelines.

All I know is that every time I read a pointless article like this written by some trumped-up religious bell-end It certainly makes me less tolerant towards the mindless ‘faithful’.

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