The Safest Roads in Europe…

Richard Littlejohn has immense trouble with basic facts, yet conversely tries to claims that he is just ‘telling us like it is’; famously declaring once: ‘I merely report the facts’. Except he doesn’t, he just makes up whatever happens to suit his agenda.

Today’s column was no different with Littlejohn arguing that the drink drive limit should not be reduced because it:

already works effectively and delivers the safest roads in Europe.

This would ruin even more rural pubs and do nothing about hardcore drink-drivers, who wouldn’t take any notice of the limit even if it was cut to half a pint of milk.

The argument is pretty bloody stupid: drink driving laws are intended to stop as many people drink driving as possible, having a fairly low limit might still encourage people to have ‘just a couple’ and place themselves and others at risk, having an extremely low limit should push home the point that it really isn’t worth having even one if you intend to drink. What the ‘hard-core’ drink drivers do shouldn’t impact upon law-making decisions that apply for the rest of us.

Furthermore, as usual with Littlejohn, the first part of the argument just isn’t true: Britain hasn’t got the safest roads in Europe. In 2007 even Littlejohn’s research document ‘The Daily Mail’ covered this fact:

The UK no longer has the safest roads in Europe, according to a new report.

The country has lost its top ranking position in the European road safety league as progress on reducing the number of road deaths has been slower than in other countries.

The UK now has a higher number of road deaths per million population than the Netherlands and Sweden, according to the European Transport Safety Council’s (ETSC) first Road Safety PIN Report.

The Times updated the situation in April 2009 to show that things have got even worse:

Britain has fallen well down the European league table on road safety, despite being on course to meet its own targets for 2010, according to figures released by the Department for Transport.

A decade ago Britain had the best road safety record in Europe. By 2006 it had fallen to fifth place behind Malta, Sweden, Switzerland and Norway. Even Germany and France, countries where the road death rate was traditionally much higher, have almost caught up with Britain.

Littlejohn just cannot seem to get even basic facts right, and that’s important because it’s these basic ‘facts’ that he bases his arguments on. Worse, the idiots who plow through Littlejohn’s twice-weekly turds actually believe he’s the brave knight sticking it to the man with the truth they’re too ineloquent to possibly express. They’re probably in the pub now repeating his arguments over a pint, complaining that the PC brigade are trying to ban drink driving even though we’ve already got the safest roads in Europe.

Such casual disregard for the truth is an insult to his readers, even if you could argue that they should know better by now.

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