The Shameless and Feckless Liz Jones

Liz Jones earns a huge salary, far more than what even the Daily Mail classes as a ‘Middle-England’ income. She earned six-figure salaries as a Magazine editor and as far as she is according to the Daily Mail ‘one of Fleet Street’s highest paid columnists’ (remember, Richard Littlejohn is on close to £1 million a year), yet all we hear from her recently is that she is massively in debt and in a recent column in ‘You’ Magazine (how apt a title for Jones) she claimed she was close to suicide.

Liz Jones makes no secret of the fact that she maintains a lifestyle that over 90% of British people could only dream about. She spent £26,000 on a bat sanctuary in her garden, spends £9 on a tube of toothpaste and her chickens have their own homeopathic vet (so really does know how to waste money). In every column she crowbars in references to how she considers any wine under £50 as cheap, how she drives a BMW and has hordes of expensive designer handbags.

Yet in recent months it has been one long tale of woe Liz Jones, debtor and pauper, culminating in a shameful column today: ‘To all 4,100 of you who answered my cry from the heart – thank you‘. In which she takes money from pensioners, is offered accommodation, is bought a lottery ticket by someone earning £46 a week and is offered money from a disabled woman whose husband is her full-time carer.

Rather than hang her head in shame and face the fact that she is in reality is a very wealthy, but very stupid and vain woman, Liz Jones actually thanks these people for their kindness, without apologising that the poor have been made to feel sorry for a very rich person. She ends her column with an interesting conclusion:

We’re always being told we live in a broken society.

That we’re greedy. My faith in human nature has been restored. Thank you, Joyce. Thank you, everyone.

I’m left with the opposite conclusion, I’ve never bought into the myth that ‘Britain is broken’ (and who keeps saying this Liz? Surely not the paper that pays you…) but perhaps any society in which the poor feel the need to help-out the wealthy and feckless perhaps is indeed broken. Her closing paragraph reads like some kind of sick joke, considering it is her greed that has caused her to be in this mess in the first place. Liz Jones’ utterly self-centred, self-absorbed drivel has just knocked my faith in humanity a little.

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