Trigger Not Fired

A while back I wrote a post on Judge Trigger who said made some imflammatory sweeping statements about immgration, benefits and the national debt. Naturally he got a lot of coverage in the Daily Mail and other tabloids who used it to increase the legitimacy of the media narrative that Judge Trigger is on message with. Today we have the official resolution of the complaints lodged against Judge Trigger: he as received ‘formal advice’. Here is the statement in full [link to pdf]:

“His Honour Judge Trigger has received formal advice from the Lord Chief Justice following an investigation into comments he made in open court during the sentencing of Lucien McClearley at Liverpool Crown Court on 28 July 2009. The investigation found, and the Lord Chief Justice agreed, that Judge Trigger’s comments were wholly unrelated to any of the issues which arose for consideration in his sentencing decision, and represented an inappropriate judicial intervention in the political process.”

And to think the Daily Mail ran a story about how he faced the sack thanks to the PC brigade (prompting one of my favourite Angry Mob headlines: ‘Trigger to be fired?’).

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