What is worse than the tabloid press?

The fuckwits that repeat their lies. Yesterday’s short post on the ‘parents banned from playing with children’ story in the Daily Mail tried to point out that the story was absolute bollocks and the council had tried to make this as clear as possible in a clear statement. However, the factual accuracy of a story doesn’t matter as long as you have a collection of idiotic bloggers who will pick up the story and run without without the slightest hint of research being carried out: step forward Iain Dale to repeat the above story.

You can always rely on Iain Dale to spout utter bollocks – especially if it allows him a dig at a political party that isn’t his beloved Tory party. Today he posted the following blogpost: ‘How Very Illiberal of a LibDem Mayor‘ after conducting the thorough research of… reading the Metro. If you think the Daily Mail is a shoddy newspaper, imagine if the same group that prints the Daily Mail released a free newspaper, well that is exactly what the Metro is.

However, that trusted source is clearly good enough for Iain Dale to have a jab at the Liberal Democrats for such a ‘PC gone mad’ decision (he even writes like a Mail hack), even though if he had bothered to do even the slightest Google search he would know that the story is just another Daily Mail fabrication. Iain Dale isn’t supposed to be just another blogger, he is supposed to be one of the top political bloggers in the country, yet he is happy to practice churnalism to have a cheap dig at another political party.

And you wonder why political apathy is so prevelent in recent times.

Iain Dale has updated his post twice this afternoon and on both occasions he has ignored those commenters on his blog pointing out that the story is utter cack, he instead spends both updates making more digs at the Liberal Democrats.

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