What would you do?

If your front garden was so overgrown that the Royal Mail refused to deliver your Mail would you:

  • A – tidy your garden, pruning the overgrown bush and removing the branch blocking your front door; or
  • B – complain to the Royal Mail and run to the Mail screaming ‘It’s health and safety gone mad’.

Of course, it is B every time for people who want the world to revolve around them. Here is the front garden in question, complete with the lazy, whinging pensioner who refuses to cut his garden back:

Now, in my humble opinion I’m with the postman here. Why should they traipse through this shithole that could easily be tidied up by an obstinate misanthrope who would rather spend his energy writing letters and complaining to the Mail than sort his bloody garden out? The useless tosser – Kenneth Payne – making the complaint makes it very easy to side with the post office:

‘Seventy years ago we came through the Blitz and now people can’t even do their jobs properly. It’s health and safety gone mad.’

Yes, nice one, bringing the blitz into it, as if that somehow is going to support your side of the argument. It seems like your argument could easily be turned around, Kenneth, it seems that you’re also kind of saying that 70 years ago this nation survived a blitz and now it can’t even manage to prune a bush. Or are you saying that millions died to secure your freedom to have an overgrown garden? Or millions died so that a postman could do battle with your garden each day because you can’t be bothered to tidy it up, even a tiny bit?

I don’t normally swear, but every time I see another ‘Elf ‘n’ safety gone mad’ (seriously, that was the prefix used in the headline, in a national newspaper) that is just some lazy twat moaning about how the world doesn’t want to bend over backwards just because he can’t be bothered to pull his finger out of his Daily-Mail reading arse, I just want to punch people.

It isn’t health and safety gone mad, it’s the tabloid-media-publishing-this-shit-all-the-time-because-they’re-scraping-the-barrel-for-outrage-and-sales.

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