Winning 'Banned' in schools…

Another dishonest headline from the Daily Mail: ‘Winning banned in two thirds of schools as teachers reward ALL students‘. Of course this headlines just reeks of bullshit and the whole article seems to be an ill-thought mess. You know the headline is a complete lie from the first two paragraphs:

Two out of three schools are rewarding all pupils on sports days to ensure that nobody feels left out, according to a survey.

Teachers want to be ‘inclusive’ and give prizes to both winners and losers to stop anyone’s feelings being hurt.

So, winning clearly has not been banned at all, merely two-thirds of schools choose to reward to some extent all competitors whilst still acknowledging and rewarding winners. Considering the Daily Mail is supposedly concerned with obesity and the lack of activity in young people they might want to think about the importance of rewarding anyone who participates in physical exercise rather than just those that win any given event. For a lot of people sport is not something they want to get involved with precisely because of the pressure involved, or the emphasis placed on winning rather than the pleasure of competing. If 20 children run 100 metres the winners should be recognised, but what is wrong with acknowledging that all 20 children still essentially completed the same task.

So, has winning been banned at all then? Well, according to the survey: ‘Nine per cent of all schools refuse to single out any winners at all’, which is very different to the Daily Mail headline which states that this is 2/3 of schools, whereas it is actually the case in only 9/100 schools. Of course, we all know who is to blame for this madness:

Left-wing councils that scorned it as ‘elitist’ and insisted on politically correct activities with no winners or losers.

Loony-left-wing-councils, is there anything they haven’t banned – according to the Daily Mail that is?

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