Woman not forced to sit next to dead boyfriend for 9 hours

This morning a Mail Online headline claimed that: ‘Man chokes to death on an in-flight meal… And his girlfriend is forced to sit next to his body for NINE hours’. The article quite clearly contradicted this claim:

Mr Rippingale was carried to the galley where the medical team performed CPR, but were unable to save him.

‘The doctor came to me and said he was so sorry – he did his best.’

Mr Rippingale’s body was moved to the crew rest area, where it was covered with a blanket.

But Miss Preechakul did not want to leave him. She was given permission to sit next to her boyfriend’s body for the remaining nine hours of the flight.

‘I had to cope. I had no choice,’ she told the paper.

The original headline still appears on Google searches [see screenshot] and has already been shared by other news organisations.

Original article

Meanwhile, the new headline remains extremely ambiguous and seems to still imply that the airline callously made the girlfriend sit next to her dead partner: ‘Passenger, 31, chokes to death on in-flight meal… and his girlfriend sits next to his body for NINE hours’. Just another example of the Mail website happily lying to create a dramatic headline, and even when caught out (it was amended after many critical comments) they only change in a way that implies the same thing anyway.

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