You can't even show the rugby anymore

Barely a day seems to pass without the Daily Mail launching a pathetic attack on the BBC. Each time it is a tale of ‘fury’ and ‘outrage’ as the BBC caters for a diverse audience of over 60 million people. Today it was the rugby and sport that caused ‘fury’: ‘Fury at BBC’s 13-hour Saturday sportathon: Bar the Lottery and the news, nothing on except rugby and football‘. So, a good weekend for people who like rugby, and I’m not sure if it has passed the Daily Mail by, but a lot of people like watching Six Nations rugby.

But, of course, there are people in this world who just like to bitch and moan about every little thing because their lives are so meaningless. They buy the Daily Mail every day so they can be freshly outraged over PC councils, wheelie bins and ‘yuman rites’ and worse, they inhabit inane Internet forums where they piss and moan about what is or isn’t on TV:

Last night, angry licence fee-payers complained on message boards about popular drama and entertainment shows such as Casualty being booted off the flagship channel.

Some called the schedule a ‘total disgrace’ and a ‘waste of money’, demanding the resignation of BBC director-general Mark Thompson and BBC1 controller Jay Hunt, while others said that if the BBC wanted to provide such blanket coverage, it should launch its own sports channel.

A day in which some sport is shown causes these utter morons to call for the resignation of the director-general, get a fucking grip. If you don’t like what’s on the BBC, turn over the channel, or better still, switch off the TV and to to engage in a more worthwhile activity. Don’t complain that Casualty (a weekly show that has been on for as long as I can remember, and one that has spawned the weekly hour-long sister show ‘Holby City’) has been given a rest for a week. You get Casualty all year round, twice a week if you count Holby City, the Six Nations rugby happens just once a year you miserable arseholes.

The Daily Mail and these whinging fucking simpletons need to just grow up and accept that the BBC caters for a wide audience. Surprisingly there are a lot of licence fee payers who got rather bored of casualty years ago, given the standard plot which seems to go:

  • Oh look, not seen this character before
  • I do hope they’re careful with the threshing machine they’re fixing
  • Horrific accident
  • Casualty

Forgive me if I don’t watch Casualty or find it interesting, but you know what, I won’t demand that it is taken off-air just because I don’t like it. That would make me a self-absorbed bell-end with nothing better to do than try to share my own sense of misery with others.

If you were one of the people throwing your toys out of the pram on the message boards over the BBC on Saturday I’d advise you to try and grow up. Perhaps start by taking a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself – seriously – if you really have nothing else good in your life apart from a TV soap. As for the Daily Mail, really, is this the best attack you can level at the BBC?

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